If you’re still getting back on track from a spring spent indoors, these four tips will help keep you fueled and fit this summer. 

Find Hot Ways To Stay In Shape 

Between the weather and delicious seasonal foods, the summer makes it easier than ever to stay in shape. While you may not be able to do some of your typical summer activities that keep you active,  you can still take advantage of the outdoors. Try jogging on a new trail or going for a hike to give your cardio a change of pace. Click here to see our workout video tips by personal trainer Alan Brennan, with our exclusive GNC brand. 

Get The Right Gear 

It’s tough to eat and drink right when your snacks and shakes have got warm in the sun. A mini cooler and portable ice packs are essential for keeping you—and your food—cool. Reusable water bottles and shaker cups are also great ways to hydrate on the go! 

Be Prepared For A Snack Attack 

When the heat is on, it can be hard to say no to an ice cream cone or slushy. Having healthy, protein-packed snacks and drinks can help you stay away from temptation and feel satisfied. Delicious ready-to-drink shakes, protein bars and seasonal fruits and veggies are all great for when you’re strapped for time. If you’re looking for additional support to help curb your hunger, try our delicious range of Total Lean shakes. This great-tasting meal replacement is well balanced with high-quality protein, fibre and a blend of vitamins and minerals designed specifically to complement a healthy lifestyle. 

Take Your Workouts With You 

Keep a bag with your workout gear with you so you can be ready to exercise whenever you’ve got the time. Make sure you stash a pair of running shoes, jump rope, resistance bands, a mat, and some sunscreen. And if you happen to get a bit too much sun, keep some aloe vera gel on hand, too!