5 Wellness Routines to Share With Your Valentine


We are all hopeless romantics at heart! Every 14 February, couples around the world prepare to celebrate their love with extravagant gifts and lavish dinners. But, Valentine’s Day can be another opportunity to show ourselves and our partners some extra love by paying attention to our wellness routines.

Wellness Routines for You and Your Love

You probably already have several wellness routines in place to ensure that you are the healthiest possible version of yourself. Some of these routines may include your partner, and if they don’t yet, then now is the ideal time to start!

Here are 5 healthy Valentine’s Day activities to enjoy together.

1. Practice Gratitude

Valentine’s Day is about showing gratitude to yourself and the people you love. We often get too wrapped up in our busy lives that personal connection becomes impersonal.

Simple gratitude practices like writing a thank you note or love letter will make your partner feel special. Then, read it aloud to demonstrate the meaning and joy they bring to your life.

While you are writing a letter to your love, take some time to write one to yourself or make notes in a journal. List all the things that you love about yourself and reflect on them frequently.

2. Experiment with Essential Oils

Massage each other with essential oils or book a couple's massage. Science supports what your body knows, and massage therapy benefits your physical, mental, and emotional wellness. It also produces feelings of comfort and connection — that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

 Here are some of the benefits of making massage therapy a part of your wellness routine:

  • May reduce stress and increase relaxation
  • May improve muscle tension
  • May improve circulation and energy
  • May lower heart rate and blood pressure

Some of our favourite essential oils include Trilogy Pure Plant Body Oil and Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Vitalising Body Oil.

3. Pick a Fun Fitness Activity Together

Valentine’s Day can be romantic, but who says you can’t add fun and exercise to your day? Physical activity improves your cardiovascular, muscular, and mental health and releases endorphins (the feel-good hormones) in your body. It’s a great way to share a special moment.

You’d probably be surprised to learn what exercising together can do for relationships. Working out with your partner strengthens the relationship because you are spending quality time together, creates intimacy, and builds trust. Working out with someone else means you always have a cheerleader motivating you and holding you accountable.

There are many fun activities you can choose from to make this day fun and unforgettable: Take a bike ride together, enjoy a hike, go dancing, rock climbing, hiking, or bowling… What is it going to be?

4. Unplug and Unwind

Take time out to destress, disconnect from the world, and connect with one another. Turn phones, computers, and TVs off and enjoy each other's company with meditation, good conversation, and a cup of calming tea or kombucha.

Taking time to yourself and unwinding with your partner is something you should be doing daily. This wellness routine clears your mind, strengthens the bond with your partner, and calms you down after a long day of work.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to relax. During those times, products like Irish Botanica Peace & Calm {Need link} and Solgar Ultimate Daily Calm Support {need link} can be of great assistance.

5. Nourish Your Bodies and Souls

Did you know that people who regularly cook at home eat healthier and consume fewer calories? If this is not enough reason, then know that cooking together with your significant other is believed to improve a couple’s bond.

It’s the perfect time to get yourself and your partner some quality time in the kitchen. Nourish your body and soul with a heartwarming meal or try a new recipe. If you aren’t sure what to make, look no further than the healthy recipes on our website.

Cooking together is a great wellness routine to incorporate into your calendar more frequently. Plan a date night to cook together at least once a month and see your love blossom.

How Love Helps You

“Love hormones,” like oxytocin and dopamine, are a cocktail of neurotransmitters and hormones responsible for making us feel more relaxed, calm, and at ease.

Plan Your Valentine’s Day

So, how will you spend Valentine’s Day with your valentine this year?

In the spirit of love, you can create plenty of wellness routines with your valentine to ensure it’s not just another calendar day. And remember, it’s not only about today —  show some love every day!