Long story short: if you’ve been stressed out for a while, don’t brush it off. Take good care of yourself and handle the negative effects of stress by incorporating these tips into your day-to-day life. 

Exercise Regularly

Want to relax your muscles? Then get them moving! Yoga and Pilates are especially beneficial for relaxation and strength training. Exercise isn’t just good for your physical health—it can help you to feel fresh and energized as well! 

Stretch It Out

Quiet your mind with a quick stretch. Stand up, find an open space, and reach your arms as far as they can go towards the ceiling, then the walls. Stretch open your fingers, roll your shoulders, and feel the tension begin to fall away. 

Eat Right

Step away from the Frappuccino! While caffeine may give you a quick jolt of energy, it may only last for a short while. Instead, choosing things such as fruits, veggies, healthy fats and whole grains will give you the healthy fuel you need to power through any situation. 

Get Some Sleep

Most adults need at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep—which means you probably do, too. Sleeping recharges you so that you can recover the stresses of today and be ready to deal with them in a healthy way tomorrow. 

Try Aromatherapy

Next time you’re feeling the heat, take a deep breath and give Aromatherapy a try. If you’re looking for scents that soothe — lavender, lemon and bergamot may have calming effects.