Wellness Tips for a Joyful Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

So the song goes, but sometimes, the holiday season can get the best of you.

Many people overindulge, forget about the good habits they’ve built throughout the year, or find the festive season stressful. All of these things impact your health and wellness.

It doesn’t have to be the case. There are ways to enjoy the holidays with your physical and mental health intact. Let’s get into them.

Stick to Healthy Habits

Every January, people worldwide create new year’s resolutions, and many of them relate to health and wellness in some way. It could be to exercise more regularly, cut out junk food, or meditate daily.

Along comes December and the holidays, and all those good intentions fall by the wayside. By sticking to the basics, you can stick to the habits you built up throughout the year.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is always important but even more so during the holiday season. Staying hydrated helps to improve mental clarity and physical health, plus, it eliminates toxins from your body.

Aim to drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. You could even make it fun by gifting yourself a new water bottle to help you meet your daily water target.

Add some fresh fruit, mint, or cucumber to the water for a flavorful drink. Making a cup of Pukka Organic tea also contributes to staying hydrated and has several health benefits. Try it out with our 3-for-2 deals!

Stick to a Balanced Diet

Alcohol, sugary treats, and festive foods all contribute to overindulgence which leaves you feeling lethargic, bloated, and just not your usual healthy self. If you’ve already built healthy eating habits during the year, then stick to them. Alternatively, start a new habit right now.

Eating healthily during the holiday season can be tough, but it’s possible if you keep this in mind:

  • Stock up on wholesome foods so that you aren’t tempted by junk food.
  • Eat healthy snacks and meals in between holiday parties,
  • Make a meal plan (and stick to it).
  • Offer to take a vegetable side dish to events.
  • Consume alcohol and sweets in moderation.

Prioritise Self-Care

It’s easy to forget about yourself amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Taking time for self-care is necessary if you want to stay positive and present during festivities.

Schedule time in your diary for your favourite activities: Doing your nails, getting a massage, or listening to music that makes you feel good. Add time for mindfulness, journaling, and reading. Whatever brings you peace, make time for it!

Conquer Stress with Planning

Some people find the holiday season stressful: It’s full of events, expectations, and last-minute shopping.

Holiday stress has an impact on your health. It may cause sadness, depression, weight problems, snappiness, and feelings of loneliness, but there are ways to overcome it.

Planning holiday activities is the first step to reducing stress. Mark events on your calendar and create a to-do list of anything you need to get done for a specific event. Figure out when you will do those tasks, and if you realise you can’t, then make another plan.

Since we are on the topic of things that might not get done, consider letting go of some of your ideas. The holidays are a special time but your time is limited, so decide which activities and ideas you want to pursue and focus on only those. It makes planning easier!

Wellness Tips to Avoid Overindulgence

Iced cookies, chocolates, cheese boards, and drinks — all of these are items you may indulge in during the holidays. It’s okay to have a few, but overconsumption is problematic.

Your digestive system doesn’t know why it’s being attacked and reacts in the only way it knows how. Indigestion, headaches, and even skin breakouts may come to the surface.

Among all the wellness tips out there, the best one is to stick to your current routine and habits. Limit your sugar and alcohol intake, drink enough water, and eat the foods you usually do.

It’s always a good idea to support your immune and digestive systems with a supplement, especially during the holiday season. Something like Solgar® Digestive Enzymes or Irish Botanica® Organic Milk Thistle can be of great assistance.

Enjoy the Holiday Season

The holidays are about spending time with the ones you love, recuperating after a long year, and recharging for a new year. It requires a careful balance between giving and taking care of yourself.

This Christmas, our wish is that you will be kind to yourself. In between the good times, take a break, exercise, and look after yourself — that’s what you need to focus on this holiday season. It will set you up for an amazing wellness journey in 2023!

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