Cleanmarine - 100% Pure Krill Oil | 60 caps

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Athletes in general are very used to taking Omega 3 as part of their dietary and supplement programme to help build muscle and strength. Cleanmarine™ Krill Oil is the next generation of Omega 3 oils. It contains Omega 3 as pure anti-inflammatory Phospholipid (EPA & DHA) the form most easily absorbed by the body, unlike the lesser Triglyceride form of Omega 3’s in fish oils.

Krill Oil is an important source of quality Omega-3 fatty acids which may help; - Speed up injury recovery times - Improve relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis - Lower cholesterol - Increase energy - Improve concentration All of which are crucial for athletes of all levels (men and women) especially when training, on strict diets and fitness regimes. This is once again due to the ease at which the Omega 3 in Krill Oil is absorbed by the body.

What are Krill? Krill are small, shrimp like crustaceans, the largest bio-mass on the planet. Harvested in the pristine Antarctic Ocean, the cleanest of all the world’s seas, cleanmarine™ Krill Oil is fully traceable and environmentally responsible. It requires minimal processing and uses no added preservatives unlike many fish oil products on the market. Thanks to strict harvest monitoring and MSC Certification you too can now do your bit for the environment as you care for your body. 

100% Pure: Another major advantage to sourcing your Omega 3’s from cleanmarine™ Krill Oil is its natural purity. Krill are rich in the very potent anti-oxidant Astaxanthin. It gives them their pink colour. As well as the health-promoting correction of free radicals, Astaxanthin keeps Krill Oil so fresh that there is no need to add any preservatives to maintain long-term stability. Most easily absorbed form of Omega 3

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