Koyu - Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea | 30g

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This grade of matcha green tea is an excellent choice for those suffering from fatigue, low energy levels, inflammatory conditions and digestive sluggishness. If you have more bad health habits than good or you have been left run down from an illness, this matcha tea will be most effective for keeping you going for longer. This organic matcha is also excellent for cravings and weight loss especially when consumed twice a day.

An excellent introduction to matcha, this can be used for virtually all purposes, including baking. Full of all the matcha goodness at an affordable price. 30g 30-35 servings

Matcha versus Coffee and Tea * Matcha has over 10 times the nutrients of steeped green, black, white, rooibos and mate tea * 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. * Matcha theophyllines provide an energy boost 3-6 times longer than coffee without the negative side effects * Calms the nervous system while simultaneously giving an energy boost. * Matcha is almost pH neutral, coffee is acidic leading to digestive problems. * Matcha allows you to control your cravings, coffee makes you hungry. * Matcha lowers blood pressure and cholestorol levels, coffee raises them.

Matchas Practical Benefits * Gives an energy boost for 3-6 hours with no caffeine crash, just a soft come-down * Theanines calm the nervous system aiding focus * Almost zero calories and boosts metabolism to help weight loss * Stimulates anti-biotic and anti-viral activity * Stabilizes blood sugar and glucose levels to control appetite. * Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels * Can be consumed in the evening without affecting sleep.

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